Welcome to Moon Dragon Studios
Welcome to Moon Dragon Studios, my personal website.

I'm sorry I haven't updated at all recently.  Apparently getting into the "real world" will do that to you; i. e. getting a job, looking for apartments, trying to earn rent.  If you've been missing regular new icons, wallpapers, and stories, there is a reason.  (Not that I'm convinced anyone reads this site except for my dear cousin, of course...)  If you email me, I will be happy to do my best and put up more of whatever you're looking for!

I write fantasy/sci-fi stuff as well as plain fiction, both mine and fanfiction, and I draw whatever I feel like - mostly people, characters from stories or out of my head, though almost none of that is scanned.  My stories I put up as soon as I feel there's enough to merit reading - I try to finish them first, sometimes succeeding. I also hope to eventually have a page for some of the art, since I do have some sketches I think are pretty cool and would like to share.

I love graphic novels, comics, manga, call it what you will, and there are links to some online comics/etc. on my links page.  At some point in the (far) distant future I may host some of my own comics here.

I've discovered the joy of wallpapers, so their numbers may grow, if slowly, as should the icons.   Yes, beautiful things I can create and then don't have to scan!  Ahhh, it's a wonderful thing.


This page uses CSS, and should finally be viewable in any resolution.  It should also be compatible with all browsers, but I'm not sure about that.  If you have viewing difficulty, please email me with the specifics.  Thanks.


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