Parent website, home of many excellent wallpapers, livejournal icons, and cool things to do.

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Photoshop brush sites, whose resources I have plundered to use in icons, etc. 

Well... something like that...

Marvelous and fascinating artistic creations. A lovely and eclectic assortment of interesting pieces. Very wide range of excellent brushes. Symbols, signs, and some other useful stuff.

Elisabeth Brushes

Miss M. Brushes Echoica Brushes Brushapalooza Brushes



Places to go, stories to read.

Grayling is a beautifully drawn, well-written and intelligently crafted story - highly original too.  I love it, although I haven't read up to the current day yet, so I don't know how often it updates. Boy Meets Boy was a delightful little comic that has unfortunately ended.  I don't know how much longer the archives are gonna be up, but it's really quite good, so get it while you can!

Grayling online comic/graphic novel

Boy Meets Boy online comic
Very unique story, highly interesting characters, beautifully drawn and masterfully colored.  If the red-head with the multiple personalities doesn't snag you, the irritable cat-girl will! Really REALLY funny.   Classic webcomic about college life with gamers.  Or gamer-life in college.   All depends on how you look at it.


Very clearly drawn, well-colored in.  Interesting semi-human characters abound, and the dragon is really cute!

No, seriously, he's like a foot long and sarcastic.

An intriguing little comic that blurs the line between reality and dreams, but in a most entertaining fashion.  Usually black and white, with a style that's fun to follow.
Vagrant Vivian
Brilliant. Just brilliant. It's being published in book form now, the author/artist's finally making enough money to support himself this way. Where I first met l33tSp34k.



Other fun things to see.

A friend of mine who is an excellent writer has her work up on this site.  While a huge and highly intelligent fan of the anime Shoujo Kakumei Utena, she also has some excellent original fiction and essays.

Nemuro Kinenkan

This is a profound, beautifully-thought-out, well-written essay on self.  Another friend of mine, Cassie Nichols, (whose site is full of great icons and other interesting things), wrote it, and I read it back before I knew what an amazing writer she is.  Astonished, I asked to put it up on my site when I got it up and running, and I've finally gotten a chance to keep my promise.  People should read this.  It's beautiful, and it should resonate with anyone who's ever felt that labels don't fit.

On Reclaiming Words