my first one

I was searching the picture files, just hunting guiltily through the Utena stuff - I'm not obsessed, really - when I came across the pic below.   My beloved is empathic, so I know.

My love and I identify with Anthy and Utena.  I make no excuses.

Hello, fortune cookie.

For some reason, the flowers looked like they were dancing, which is where the text version over there came from.

It can SUCK to be empathic.

Isn't it always true?  To the lover, any imperfections are only signs of personalized beauty.

First attempt at text

I wasn't even depressed...

I found some astronomy pictures.  Oh, the mileage I'll get out of those...

Blood moon rises, wild things dance

Ever seen the moon rise red?

Freakiest sight ever.

I'm definitely not obsessed with Urd, but I have to say this was the perfect expression.

I miss my koi

The base picture took a little photoshopping, but you can't tell now.  *is happy*

I have a friend who attracts sprites

I like this one

I saw this picture of Chichiri fishing and had to find something to do with it.  I love this icon.

Hey, it moves!

You know the days I mean.  Although most of the time one is not literally bleeding in the rain...
Typical.  I try to make icons and end up with wallpapers.  Now vice versa.  Just typical.

*sighs*  Chichiriiiii...

My first animated icon ever.  Gif makers are cool.

Bleeding and tired in the rain

Yes, Wufei, you know you're hot

While we rarely or never see this smile, you've got to admit Wufei's damn nice when he's wearing it.