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    Another update, wonder of wonders.   Six, count them, six new wallpapers.


This done as of Wednesday, August 3, '05.


    Having excused myself for never updating, I'm updating again.   Put up two more chapters of The Wineseller's Djinn (also known to anyone around me as the Genii-fic), and changed it so you can read one chapter at a time for greater ease of updating and reading new stuff.  I swear more wallpapers and icons are coming soon.


This done as of Friday, July 8, '05.


    Main page finally updated to re-emphasize and explain my inattentiveness.  I'm so ashamed - but on the other hand, if people cared they'd email me and I'd have motivation to get my butt in gear.  New short story added - Harry Potter fanfic.  I know, I know, don't say anything.  At least I wrote!  If you read my livejournal, you've probably already read the story, but I thought I should put it up in the service of completeness.  Note also added to About Me page - out-of-date warning.


This done as of Friday, June 24, '05.


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