I started writing around sixteen, so I haven't been doing it long, (and by this I mean not all my life), but my grammer and spelling are good, which is more than I would say for many of the people who post their stories on the net.  I write mostly Fantasy, with the occasional foray into Sci-Fi or "normal" fiction, and I write pretty slowly.  If you like a story here that isn't finished, or even want more of one that is, email me!  Tell me about it!  I'll write more!

Both original stories and fanfiction will be up here eventually.  I don't write much fanfic, and what I do write very rarely gets finished, but what I have got people seem to enjoy reading, so I'll put it up anyway.

I'm much more likely to finish a story that I know is worth something, so please tell me if you like something.  If you could explain what you like about it, that would be even better, but not many people seem to be able to do that, so I won't expect miracles.  Constructive criticism is appreciated, emphasis on the "constructive".  Flames will be ignored or responded to with scathing sarcasm.

Rating system is as follows.  Letter ratings only included from R up - I don't care to try to figure out if one of my stories should be G or PG-13 because there was a fleeting mention of something less innocent than grass.  All stories explained more fully by word description than letter, so read what I have to say first.  R is for violence, darkness, or sex, the latter probably explicit but fairly innocent (no dark sex).  NC-17 is for extreme violence, which I don't write a lot, or explicit and darker sex, which I do.  Angstier topics like non-con (non-consentual sex) and such will be included under NC-17.  Het is heterosexual.  M/m means sex between men, m/m/m would be sex between three men.  F/f is sex between women.

OOC and AU are warnings rather than ratings, and apply only to fanfic.  OOC is when someone from the series cannon is portrayed acting out of character.  AU means alternate universe, and uses the characters from the series in a different situation.


Draco's Journal Harry Potter fanfic, m/m.   Alas, I have succumbed.  But I did it all for my friends, who liked it, so I feel no remorse.  (All right, not much.)  Besides, it's finished!  That makes it all worthwhile.  Humor - Draco records events as he sees them unfold.   (As I already mentioned on the updates page, this was previously posted on my livejournal, but I thought I should put it up in the service of completeness.)
Debts Owed Original story, m/m, NC-17.  Told in first person narrative, very conversational storytelling style with oft-switching tenses, which I can imagine putting some people off.  Warning is for lots of swearing, sort of street-talk, and fairly explicit mild non-con.  When you owe someone a major debt, finding limits on how you should pay it can be difficult.  Completed, extraordinarily enough.  (Also, I'm told, very unrealistic.  Who's trying for realism?)
The Wineseller's Djinn Updated!  Original.  Mention of het non-con.  M/m attraction.  Involves a genii council, issues of power, and variously virtuous and vile mortals and djinn.  Unfinished, four chapters up.
"Gardening" Original story, het attraction.  What was I thinking?  *coughs sheepishly* No, I really don't have anything against het, it's just... boring... I imagine there are plenty of people who can empathize with a scared little introvert like Maria, but how many meet a guy like Ris? Based on a friend of mine and probably immediately recognizable to anyone who knows him - this is kinda a version of what happened when we met. Finished, edited once.
Driving Original story, f/f.  This was spurred by a story called Chyxclub or something like that.  I started thinking, what would I do if I had fours hours left to live, in which I could do anything I can normally do, but don't for one reason or another.  Finished and even edited, can you imagine?
Evidence Gundam Wing fanfic, m/m attraction.  Why didn't Duo's self-destruct work that one time?  Trowa gives the explanation that occured to me, which fits the facts rather well if you think about it.  And yes, Heero does talk to himself when he works at a computer.  Finished a rather long time ago and then I forgot about it...
These Guys are Dangerous Gundam Wing fanfic.  Duo abuse, but not half as bad as some I've seen.  Implied m/m non-con relationship between minor characters.  Implied m/m attraction.  Attempted non-con.  Duo wasn't sent on this mission, but he's gotta go anyway to keep his friends safe.  Broken ribs or not.  Unfinished.  All five boys in the Preventers, so AU.
Mark I have absolutely no idea what this is, besides mine.  It came from an image out of a book, and then it stopped.  If you think it's going somewhere, please tell me where!  If you like it, for the love of all the gods, tell me!  Completely innocent so far.
Talic Another little out-of-the-blue story snip.  Original.  Either futuristic or the characters are technological geeks/geniuses.  In my opinion.  Again, I have no idea where this is going.   It might end up a sibling relationship thing, or I might play with some technological magic.
Not Anything R for not-very-explicit m/m sex.   The first Man in the Black Coat story, a strange little original tale that floated out of my fingertips one day without warning.  Totally different style from my usual.
Nothing R for not-very-explicit het sex.  The second Man in the Black Coat story.  It somehow followed naturally from the first, and I can feel a world building around the tale...
What Dreams May NC-17 for explicit sex and some non-con, all m/m.  Fanfiction for the anime series Slayers.  Note:  Gourry should probably be considered OOC, since he gets intelligent at points.  I have my reasons.  The plot resembles a Swiss cheese because this was supposed to be plotless smut.  I should've known better than to try.  Unfinished.